Cider Cycling and Real Ale Wobbling

When you drive a pink car, dye your hair pink, have a loud laugh and are prone to spouting your opinion whether its popular or not, you’re hardly likely to be a ‘blend-into-the-background-so-no-one-notices-you’ type of a person. Lucky, I guess then, that I happened upon the quirkiest of locations to call my home.

just turn up and join in!

This weekend (Saturday 10th August) sees the inaugural Summer Cider Cycle .  Spawned from its father event, The Real Ale Wobble, the few females who lucked up on R.A.W thought it would be ‘nice’ to have cider & sun (although we can’t guarantee that in August in Mid Wales), rather than testosterone, tap beers and snow, for a more civilised weekend of madness in our wonderful little town.

The umbrella organisers, Green Events have added this date to their calender of equally wacky and sometimes wackier events.  The Summer Cider Cycle falls mid Llanwrtyd Festival; offers a selection of delicious local brew ciders and perrys , disco, live music, camping and 2 separate mountain cycle routes to suit both fun riders and more serious MTBers


Having lead the organisation of the father event, The Real Ale Wobble for the previous 5-6 years, I can guarantee you that this weekend is going to be ‘wicked man’ (or ‘sick’ – if you are a 90’s child rather than a 70’s one).  It might not attract 700 riders this year ,as is the

mass of testosterone that arrives in Llanwrtyd in November, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is quite a turnout for this first event.  Certainly the sub committee of Green Events Ltd – Linsey Davies, Neil Delafield and GE Chair, Lindsay Ketteringham have put together some excellent marketing and promo.  Whatever the numbers – with 3 pubs – lots of cider, Sir Dangerous Dave, a DJ, a campsite and a microbrewery – its sure to be and continue to become another great Llanwrtyd weekend.

Sadly (!!!!yeah right!!!!), as I’m tied up with The Big Skill  in the grounds of Brecon Cathederal , and the Brecon Fringe ( with our sons band, (Lindsays Shirt) playing two sets ) on Saturday, I will have to forgo the opportunity to ride the Cider Cycle  (says she who last got on a bike aged 13, unless you count the orange one I rescued from the tip on arrival to mid wales and wobbled about on into the town square a couple of times – but there’s another story).  I shall however be joining the reverie at the Stonecroft Disco on Friday night and Sir Dangerous Dave’s gig a the Neuadd on Saturday, probably take a pit stop at the Belle Vue too.

Why not join us – cyclists or not – its gonna be ‘sick man’!

only in Llanwrtyd, beer & biking, cider & cycling!

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