Parenting without Religion

I came across this today and decided to share it with you lovely lot. Raising a freethinker is how I prefer to view it. This was my response:-
“we raised our son to be open-minded about things , we and my parents(who were raised Jewish) are atheists, his Nana is Methodist, one of our best friends, who offered childcare is Christian poss Baptist. We would tell him what we believed and explain how it differed to what our friends/family believed and told him he was free to choose whatever path made the most sense to him based on the information he gathered from reading, school, relatives, friends etc. He is now 16 and is strong, happy, trustworthy, honest, reliable, caring, tolerant and, also, does not believe in any god or gods. We are very proud of him and the choices he makes whatever they are”

2 thoughts on “Parenting without Religion

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