Pink Car Rally Update…..

Further to my previous post, there has been an announcement

The Pink Car Rally route has been finalised ….! We will be ‘orbiting the orbital’ on the 6th and 7th September!
Day 1 will take us from Langley, Slough to intu Lakeside and after an overnight stay in the local area…
Day 2 will take us from Brands Hatch (yes, really….. THE Brands Hatch!!! As in Britain’s best-loved motor racing circuit) back to Langley, Slough…

All I can say is, O M G... I really do deserve sponsorship for this… I moved away from Essex to Wales largely to never have to see the M25 again… but on 6/7th (and if traffic is bad, possibly 8th/9th!!!) you will find Ffloyd and I (plus John my tame mechanic) circumnavigating the “Ring of Hell” to raise money for Little Princess Trust along with many other Pinkies…

If you live in the areas we stop why not come along and show your support (please bring me tea/cake and valium!!)

I, (on behalf of The Little Princess Trust) deserve your money so I can pass it on to a great cause… come on… make all the pain worth my while…

from last years event....
from last years event….

Feel free to comment!

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