Painting a garden

painti g a garden
painting a garden
my garden
my garden

Gardening to me is pretty much approached in the same way as painting.  It’s about blending the colours, curves and form.  It’s about shapes and textures.

The result should be calm, soothing, and warm

The process should be therapeutic, mindful and relaxing


Like my paintings, it is multilayered: layer , upon layer, to create depth.. Colours over colours , they’re there but you can’t always see them.  Of course, unlike the painting, the garden reveals its layers with the changing seasons, and the trick (and I’m still working on the ‘tah-dah’ moments) is ensuring a smooth transition a seamless flow of colour and form


My aim for this ongoing art project is semi abstract, ‘loose’ style, with the colours mingling, no sharp edges and a gentle flow ….

Here it is right now

it’s getting there….


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