come on and Do the Ron Run

this year is the 10th anniversary of tis memoril event … if you live running and fundraising and spectacular scenery, and great beer, and a welcoming atmosphere etc etc… book yourself in and take part

Rose-tinted ramblings of a Less Ordinary Life


Last Sunday was the 8th Memorial Half Marathon dedicated to Ron Skilton.To be fair we didn’t know him very well.  we moved in Feb 05 and Ron passed away Dec 05 having battled for 6 months with the degeneration and knowledge of having Motor Neurone Disease.  What we did know was that he was a kind and generous man.  With a gentle demeanor and a good humour.  A lovely neighbour.  What we have come to know is what a strong and caring family  branched out from him.  His lovely widow Irene, his brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews.  We also know how well respected and loved he was within his community . As a young man he was a keen runner and cyclist.  As a professional man he was a well regarded architect and draftsman.  As a member of his community he was inclusive, proactive and integrated.  He was the co-founder of …

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