bogged down….

I went for a short drive along a narrow lane with a bit of an awkward bend it in.  I hadn’t been there for quite a while as I’d got in quite a mess last time I tried even though I’d managed and even enjoyed it many times prior.  It’s easy to navigate going forward, slightly uphill and a bit narrow in places, but straightforward.

It’s just about negotiable for me in reverse.  The road was fine, even though the weather was a bit grey.  I made it to the destination, did what needed to be done.  But by the end of the day it was dark, and wet and miserable. I misjudged the kink in the slope and ended up with two wheels on boggy ground.  I tried to move forward to get out of the mess but i was stuck so i moved a bit further back in an attempt to extricate myself.  By then i was pretty much sliding around and getting nowhere.  I still had two wheels in sight of solid ground but they had no purchase. I could not get a grip. I was well and truly bogged down.  The car was stranded. I turned everything off, locked the doors and left it alone. It was too dark to do anything but sleep.

The next day it wasn’t so wet and grey.  I realised needed some people with more strength and the right tools to help me out.  It may have been a bit too late before i recognised i was getting myself more struck but once I asked for help it came.

The car is safely home.  Its  pretty muddy  and got a few bruises but its back on the road. I’m pretty sure when i next drive it everything will work as normal.

Thanks to a few friends, and their time and support, I’m back on the road.  Parked. But on solid ground.

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Rose Tinted Ramblings

I'm Bernice but unless I'm in trouble, it's Berni. I laugh heartily; love wholely and live completely. I write what I think. Sometimes its fun, sometimes its political, sometimes its frustration, or angst. Always its real and heartfelt. I now live in Mid Wales having found a home with my family (John, my parner and Jason, our son) here in Llanwrtyd Wells where everyday eccentricity is celebrated. a place in the UK that attracts those from outside the mainstream and has created an identity based on its quirkiness. A perfect home for someone like me who tends not to follow the crowd, doesn't have a quiet laugh, and tends to speak first, think later! Life has reached a juncture where I have become aware that when you live your life through rose-tinted spectacles, every experience becomes one including joy, laughter, friends, meetings, experiences and great memories. Having always fancied being a columnist I figured why not share my rose-tinted ramblings with anyone out there who might want to listen- and if no-ones out there, why not write them anyway - bit like a public diary - but hey I have no dirty little secrets that I'm not prepared to share....!!!!

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