Episode 2 of #Reid2Write – Suzie from ‘Suzie81speaks’ talks Networking and Building Traffic

i’m still learning about blogging – even if I’d been blogging alll my life i’d still be learning, things constantly change…. I write what pops into my head, i don’t often get it’seen’ but i love doing it and would love to do more… so i will continue to ramble in my usual rose tinted way and see what happens….

Aidan J. Reid


SIX DEGREES OF Kevin Bacon is a fun game.

The premise is that the Hollywood actor can be linked to any other celebrity by six degrees of separation – typically through his wide and varied film roles.

If there was a similar game played out in the world of WordPress, Suzie81speaks would be the blog at the centre of that Universe, connected to other bloggers by far fewer than six degrees.

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