Thankful and inspired: schools and education

the story of Malaa is inspirational. and whilst our education system in the UK is far from perfect it is available to all children and it is free. For that we are extremely lucky. It also seems to be biased to working better for girls but that is another blog. One of my many reasons for reblogging this is because I am absolutely in awe of her father and the talk he gave at TEDS. What a great man Ziauddin Yousafzai is, not in the least for raising such an amazing young woman

Norah Colvin

In recent posts there was some discussion about the importance of education, the value of schools and the role of teachers. I thought it timely to re-share this post, first published in July 2015.

Earlier this week I read a post by Kimmie of Stuck In Scared about Ten Things of Thankful. I have also read many other posts about things to be thankful for. These posts prompted me to share something for which I am thankful: schools and education.

I know that I often write about what I consider the shortcomings of traditional schooling and make suggestions of how schools could be improved. However I live in a country that values education and in which every child has a right to a free education. For that I am thankful. Those of us who have access to schools and education are the lucky ones.

This week I have been…

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One thought on “Thankful and inspired: schools and education

  1. Thank you for reblogging my post. I’m pleased you enjoyed it. I love your introduction. Malala and her father are definitely both inspirations aren’t they? I look forward to your post about girls and education.


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