Loonies are alive and well and may well be walking amongst you….

9 Feb

Rosette for our tour bus

It was mentioned on Question Time last week that the Monster Raving Loony Party is no more and its colourful addition to British politics was perhaps even ‘missed’.

I would like to assure Isobel Oakeshot and collegues that we are not only alive but conga-ing our way into British , and at the moment, Welsh politics with flamoyant leg kicks and an abundance of candidates and members.

vote loonyThis May we Loonies will be standing at least 25 candidates in the 5 regions of Wales for the Welsh Assembly Elections 2016.  Myself included.  Yes, Lady Lily the Pink of Brecknockshire will be one of several representing constituents in the Mid and West Wales area… In fact this Saturday (13th Feb from about 10am) we are meeting at The Senedd for a spot of party political broadcast filming and welcome interested members of the public to come and shake a top hat in our general direction, talk policy and generally add a bit of banter to our procedings.

Look out for us.



2 Responses to “Loonies are alive and well and may well be walking amongst you….”

  1. Rose Tinted Ramblings March 10, 2016 at 6:40 pm #

    really? How fabulous !

  2. Alan Hope March 10, 2016 at 6:01 pm #

    Party Conference this year back in Blackpool, same arrangements as last year even the bus. Thurs 29 th Fri 30th Sept – Sat 1st October ! xx

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