Is it Urgent? … haiku

Yeah Write poetry challenge for March is Haikus, and I attempted my first ever Haiku as a result of this last week… see previous blog post.  Its a Haiku, it won’t take long to read.  Three lines; five, seven ,five syllables.  Harder than it sounds.  I’m hoping for Limericks next month ( #hinthint ).

Yeah Write also offer a non-compulsory prompt and for week #256 “What did the doctor say?”

It took me back to this blog post of mine following a long period of dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and the like and various other physical ailments that manifested themselves as a result. Or vice versa.

Is it Urgent – blog post

When you have mental health issues attending the doctors and discussing your issues is quite a challenge in itself.  My mind would go blank.  I’d feel a fraud, ashamed, embarrassed.  Even the process of booking the appointment was an ordeal.  It often had to inolve my partner for strength and support.

Sooooo, after that lengthy introduction and link to the original blog post and with the appropriate Yeah Write reference… lets have a go at this Haiku challenge…..

Anxious and fearful

Brave the phone; power-crazed staff.  Blocked

“sick?, is IT urgent?”

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