Life in Patchwork

My heart is warmed by my quilt
The sounds and colours
And memories
Dreams and realities
Laughter and tears
Love and lust
Passion and pain
Snippets of the past making the whole of me in the present
Growing more colourful as the years pass
Stitched together to keep me safe and warm
The comfort blanket of my childhood
The kingsized quilt of my middle age
Patterns and textures holding my favourite memories
My rose tinted pains and my future dreams
Soft furnishing my life

Mission Mindfulness


6 thoughts on “Patchwork

  1. #thesatsesh love the idea of life being a patchwork…shame we all have squares that are horrendous, but I guess they make the sequin patches stand out.
    Great poem and fab content hun.x


  2. Wonderful poem Bernie! Beautifully written and conjures up feelings of nostalgia and cosiness. “Snippets of the past making the whole of me in the present” is a brilliant line #thesatsesh


  3. I like the idea that all of life’s experiences–good and not good–are stitched together to make something beautiful. A poem full of comfort in many ways.


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