An idiot’s guide to the junior doctor dispute

Support our junior doctors… sign the online positions, pop down to the picket line for a chat . Take coffee, take doughnut (actually make that bananas, apples or another one of their 5 a day… gotta keep them healthy)
Maybe write to your MP or Mr cHunt himself (although if you have a Tory Te*t in your constituency you may well feel as I do that it’s a waste of ink and paper).
Maybe stick a poster in your car window…
Read this blog by Alex… it might help…

The Psychiatry SHO*

The junior doctor contract dispute is really hard to understand. Especially if you work for the Government. So here are some easy-to-read answers to common questions on the topic.

Who cares about junior doctors anyway? Bloody kids.

You should care. ‘Junior doctor’ is a huge misnomer, referring to every doctor who hasn’t finished their training to be a consultant yet. Seeing as this training lasts around a decade after medical school, many ‘junior’ doctors are over 30 years old, and quite a few are over 40. They’re so experienced they can do complex operations, take care of the sickest of ITU patients, and run whole departments at certain times. This is on top of doing a lot of legwork like blood tests, ordering scans, being the first to respond to ward emergencies and writing discharge letters, making them integral to the whole NHS. So when 98% of a 76% turnout…

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