Bra Gate…

Four pm on a Sunday and I’ve just got home from a shift at the local caffi. You can guess where I am, it’s become my regular blogging position….. my bath!

I think I’ll make it a regularly irregular feature  ‘babbling from the bathtub’ …  maybe I’ll talk about my fave bath products; unlikely ….

… although I am enjoying this homemade body scrub from my lovely friend Cheryl Glover, ‘Made with Glove’…good eh?

Anyway, I’m going to keep this slightly embarrassing post short and to the point I like to refer to it as Bra Gate. …..

So at lunch time a couple of days ago, I burst into Caffi Sosban (my local) with my usual gusto, chattering loudly and slightly hyper from a physical morning in the garden. As I’m standing in the doorway, I whip off my sweatshirt accidentally taking my t-shirt with it. So am standing there in my bra… I have booked the owners son in for some PTSD councelling and the couple in there who have just bought a house in the village may be regretting their decision to move here!!

So? Have you got an embarrassing confession to make? Do tell!

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13 thoughts on “Bra Gate…

  1. Haha! Oh my gosh I would have been mortified. I was in the park with my daughter a few months ago and it was quiet so just before we left i thought I’d have a go on the zip wire. Long story short, I fell off unceremoniously, shoe went flying, bum bruised, before I’d even started going. Didn’t try again, just collected my shoe and ushered my daughter back to the car quickly without looking to see if anyone had noticed! #BlogCrush


  2. Haha. Thanks for sharing this post. I can face the world today knowing it’s not just me who does things like this. One day I’ll have to post the story of when I was visiting toilets in the public square in Paris when my coin ran out and the automatic doors popped open. #fortheloveofBLOG


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