Coughs and Colds at Christmas….I have the cures…

I have a chesty cough and cold which has been lingering for some time.  Getting worse.  I think it may have become an infection.  It a normal and very common situation for many people especially at this time of year.  It’s certainly no fun for the sufferer nor the friends and family who have to put up with the wheezing, snorting, hacking and phlegm clearing.

Fortunately for you all, I have a helpful elderly neighbour whom I keep an eye on. She has been phoning me hourly with  helpful fail-safe solutions.  So here you are, several guaranteed not to fail remedies for your winter woes.  You may be sad and lonely after trying them due to their anti social nature but you will, guaranteed, be feeling tip-top healthy by the end of it

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  1. Peel an onion and leave it on your mantle piece – it will absorb all the germs
  2. Put mustard powder in a bowl of hot water, the hottest you can handle. soak your feet,, pat dry, put on cotton socks and get into bed for 24 hours.  Dont get up, even to wee.  You will sweat out all the badness and feel great in the morning
  3. Rub garlic cloves on the balls of your feet
  4. Slice a swede or turnip, layer and coat each layer with sugar.  leave for a while and then sip the resultant juice

oh, and now I’m 50, things have only got better…

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My fave solution is to let Vic rub my chest ….

Keep well people.  Happy Holidays.  Merry Christmas and, thanks to my friend, here’s wishing you a healthy New Year; just keep taking the vegetables!

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Letters to my Daughter

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