Spring may not have sprung yet – but its definitely in the air..


The weather these last few days has been truly gorgeous: ice cold, fresh, still and sunny. The perfect type of Winter day on the cusp of Spring.  The perfect days for pottering about, tidying stuff up and chopping stuff down.  The perfect type of day for pottering about in the garden.

Cerdyn Villa is showing signs of new life and fresh activity.

I’ve been pruning and tidying and Hubby has been putting his new Christmas present to the test and is chainsawing up the trees we had cut down in Autumn, ready for stacking and drying.  In Winter 2019 they will provide our central heating.

New hens have arrived.  The two older girls, Tammy and Heather (the white one) have settled in and are free roaming alongside all the others in our clutch.

The four new Ayam Cemanis (our Goth girls and boys) are a tad too young to put in with the rest of them.  They’re not yet old enough to lay.  Only 13 weeks old.  One is definitely a cock and that’s fine – he can have his own hareem , but if there’s another cock he’ll need re-homing otherwise all hell will break loose.  I’ve got a few weeks before I’ll know and a few more before I need to worry, but just in case, I have a new home lined up .  In the meantime they’ve got their own playroom to explore

So…this conifer.. it was dying anyway…..I lopped off all the branches and then Hubby got out his new Parker ... we all love a good power tool and according to him this is an exceptionally good power tool..

Note : this post is neither affiliated to or sponsored by Parker Brand products, or anyone else for that matter ; all comments and opinions are, as always, my very own.
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18 thoughts on “Spring may not have sprung yet – but its definitely in the air..

  1. Every time I read your posts, I think how well you would get on with my in-laws – they also live in Wales, keep chickens, and create stained glass art! Hehe. We had snow again this week but let’s hope that’s the last of it – I love snow but I’m ready for a bit of warmth now…! #blogcrush


  2. I hope the snow hasn’t scared spring away! I bet life has been very different this week… Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging


  3. Looks idyllic! The snowdrops are gorgeous, and a husband who cuts wood! Wow! I wish you so much joy in your beautiful smallholding (?) Bernie. Our daffies have just come out and snow is forecast and every time I see them I think (No! just wait another week won’t you!)


    1. i’ve been asking our daffs to wait – to be fair they probably wont come into flower for another week or two, despite being in Wales its very rare to have daffs in our garden in time for St Davids Day. Not really a small holding – we only have 2 doz hens and no other animals. would love a pair of alpacas though (unlikely to happen but a girl can dream).


  4. I’m currently debating whether it’s too cold to get out in the garden with the chainsaw! Beautiful photos of the snowdrops. I agree spring is in the air but I wish it would warm up a little! #mondaystumble


  5. I t seems a bit strange to be reading this when we are being told to prepare for heavy Snow, once that has been and gone we can look forward to spring and hopefully a summer too#mondaystumbleupon@_karendennis


    1. true! but i prefer to believe it when i see it. The media do love to terrorise us with weather warnings. Last month we had 18 inches of snow but because there was none in the South East , or london it was no big deal to the reporters. Its been -4 at night hear for aver a week and not above freezing during the day… who knows – i love snow !


    1. Thanks. We have an old railway cattle truck that they nest and sleep in… the old greenhouse that the babies are in has a trap door into the nest house. There’s a n aviary which has a tunnel from the nesting house too so if they need separating we can. generally though they just roam free around the garden and get locked in for safe keeping at night

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