I’m moving to self -hosted… please come along for the ride

Just a quick blog to let you know I’m moving and I’m not sure if my followers will be notified or automatically moved with me. It a bit scary . To make it easier (I had hoped) I am moving from wordpress.com to wordpress.org… still rosetintedramblings.blog… I hope you’ll follow / find me again.
I’ve moved purely because I’m told so often that self hosting is better and there will be (potentially) more opportunities if I want to do affiliated or sponsored word… which I would love to do but only if I can remain as quirky, honest and free form as i am already. There will still be rose tinted babblings from my bathtub; rants about mental health and menopause; proud mum of handsome young men comments ; loads of gorgeous stories from my beautiful home about the weird and wonderful world of Llanwrtyd Wells; and the odd random oddity about whatever pops into my brain
Please join me on my new adventure…
Not sure what day the switch over will be but i imagine any day now

“Empyreal” – 

4 thoughts on “I’m moving to self -hosted… please come along for the ride

    1. hiya, theres a little blue “follow button in the right hand side bar… there used to be more – they seem to have disappeared .will take a look at it. No wonder i’ve had no new followers recently xx Let me know if you cant find it x


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