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It’s Only Bolognaise…..

15 Nov

It’s been two something a.m. ,and three something a.m., and now its four something. I’m pacing. Ordinarily in these restless situations I’d run myself a deep bath, take a glass of milk with me and babble at you from my bathtub.

At the moment though a long soak is not allowed. I’m on shallow dips and wet wipes washing only.

All because of a momentary lapse of concentration and a falling out with a large container full of bolognaise.

If you are squeamish do not read on. This post contains graphic images.

It’s Saturday and my house is buzzing with friends from afar here to party with me for my fiftieth birthday. If you read my blogs you will know that it’s been long in the planning and I’m pretty much excited to the point of bursting.  I will wax lyrical the excellence of the evening despite this ‘hiccup’ in a separate story… This tale shall be referred to in homage to the hilarious Simon Peggy movie, Hot Fuzz, as ‘It’s Only Bolognaise’….

Six p.m..ish and I’m flitting between shower, kitchen, makeup, kitchen getting myself ready and a hot buffet heated for anywhere between 30-70 people… I have no idea how many will arrive here for pre-party cocktails and some beer soaking Bolognaise’…. I have a house already buzzing with friends and family who have been arriving since Friday morning. We had a pre party party on Friday night and have spent Saturday chilling chatting and prepping for this evening. There’s a distinct buzz in the air and the mood is good. ….

…and then there’s an almighty scream from the kitchen as I remove a large tub of bolognaise sauce from the microwave. Having saved time and washing up by reheating it in the tub I froze it in, the said tub not being microwave proof has lost its rigidity in the heating process. As I lift it from the microwave the sides fold in on themselves and the boiling Bolognaise’ volcanoes out of the tub and over my chest into my cleavage  and bra.

Things happen in a blur from here. I’m ripping off my clothes running up the stairs and diving into the shower. Female family members are dashing in and out , taking control, trying not to look concerned urging me to stay under the icy flow. Twenty minutes I’m there. People come and go. Hubby arrives back from prepping the party venue to find the house in crisis.

I’m in the shower, chest red raw from being scalded. Worrying only about missing or spoiling the party. I’m calm as you like. But every time I step out of the icy flow of water the burning pain in my chest rises. All I can think about is whether the food will be ready for my guests and not wanting any downers on the evening…  I’m worrying that I’ve thrown the timing out for the evening plans!!!

Everyone else is worrying about me.

Out of the shower and it’s ice packs for the next hour. People are coming and going. Aloe vera appears. Several people suggest a visit to MIU (minor injuries unit).

Various people wander in to assess my chest……..

Meanwhile I’m holding tea-towels full of ice on my tits whilst trying to apply makeup to my face and do my hair.

I refuse MIU. Various people have checked NHS direct and various other sites. A friend / first aider arrives.

I am not going to MIU! I refuse to miss my party.

The heat has dissipated. I have a high-necked party dress, aloe vera and paracetamol and I intend to PARTY…..

… Party was amazeballs magnificent (see next blog).

….I’m blistering and the skin is blacking. I still have a zillion people here….. I slavver on the aloe vera . I’m not in any pain but my chest is definitely not looking pretty.

By the evening there’s flaking and blistering but also the skin is tightening and pulling. I’m having to sleep tonight sitting up and as such am not sleeping. ..

I go to MIU

Apparently I did most things right …except of course going to MIU  straight away …

…and wrapping myself in clingfilm…

I return like this … Eight layers of gel dressing topped with padded wound dressings, all being held in place by a tube bandage boob tube. …

I think we can all agree that it’s somewhat optimistic to stick a 50-year-old F-cup chest in a boob tube…. I feel I need to hold it in place or lay down to prevent gravity doing its worse…


The next day I return for the lovely nurse at MIU, Jo, to redress the wounds. Apparently, according to her and Hubby they are looking much better. Who knew Jo had hidden talents in dress making. Today the tube bandage is a vest top. My chest no longer has to defy gravity alone!

Today my fashionista nurse, decided we could replace the bulky gel dressing with something lighter weight.


The lovely nurse, Jo Wolfenden, creating a new designer one-off just for me

…. note the fetching collar detail and central stitching…

It looks like i’ll be back and forth to Llandrindod Wells Memorial Hospital for a few days. Thank goodness for local community hospitals and their fantastic staff. Hopefully I’ll be out of bandages soon






Another day (plus an hour) in the life of…..

30 Oct

It’s 3:45 pm and I’m in my fave relaxing place, the bath. Another typically atypical day in the life of moi.

Today began with the end of yesterday. As days tend to do, merging seamlessly from one day to the next without any blank no man’s space in between. But this day started with a groundhog moment. Heading home from a Halloween party at 1amish we get in and start our tomorrow. Or is it today? I guess technically after midnight becomes the next day but if you’re still in the throws of the previous day and have not been to bed yet does that mean it’s still yesterday? By which I mean not yet today. Making today still tomorrow?. Confused? I am now!

Anyway. We got in and started doing all those things we prep when we have guests in the b&b. John checks the Ray burn is still alight and adds more coal to ensure its still cosy warm at breakfast time. He sets the bread maker so (later) in the morning the gorgeous aroma of freshly baked bread will waft up the stairs and entice the guests down for a delicious Cerdyn Villa breakfast. I  prepare all the breakfast ingredients. We maybe set the table. Clear the kitchen.  Set the dishwasher and washing machine.

I check my phone for the time. It’s still just after 1am…..Am I in a time warp? No. It’s  daylight saving.  (Could have had an extra hour at the party).

So we go to bed at 1:30am which is really 2:30am but I’m all relaxed ‘cos the guests want breakfast at 8am , which is really 9am so I have loads of time?!?!

Hubby goes upstairs like this..

…and shortly after we realise getting back to his normal handsome self is not going to be easy… the transfer is not coming off. He tries makeup remover. Nope. Soap and water. Nope. My facial scrub.  Nope. My super luxurious body scrub. This bugger is not shifting. He starts scratching at it with his nails…. it’s half off when he goes to sleep. And as we feel we have so much time in the morning with our groundhog hour, we figure we’ll sort it then.

Suddenly it’s 7:55am, which may well really feel like 8:55 am but even stretching that extra hour it still mean’s we have 5 real minutes before we find guests salivating to the smell of fresh-baked bread and longing for their full cooked breakfast. Eek. Hubby has the morning after Halloween party face and I’m not sure our guests can handle it. Then I remember how I got my transfers off. Aqueous cream or vaseline. Rub it in and the transfer slides off. Oops.  Hubby is under the impression that it would have been more helpful and less painful had I remembered that seven hours previously.  Oops poor Hubby and his beautiful raw face!

Anyway. Lots of happy well fed guests who shared a laugh at Hubby’s expense. By 10 am, seven breakfasts have been served and cleared. Guests have checked out. Rooms are stripped. Dishwasher is loaded. Washing machine is going full pelt and I’ve made us a brunch after all its 11am in our heads!

It’s a gorgeous day. Sun was shining when we woke, (thankyou day light saving for repositioning 7am in the 8am slot) and I still had half a dozen plants that needed to go in the ground before the first frost; Hubby had the lawn to cut and the garden furniture all needed moving/storing ready for the tree felling to take place next week.

Four hours of strenuous digging, weeding, plant moving and clearing in my poor neglected garden and I can barely stand.   So Hubby sends me for a soak. And here I am. Soaking,  blogging and enjoying a nice cuppa.

Did you remember to turn back your clocks?

Lucy At Home

Rhyming with Wine

There’s no average day in the life of….

18 Oct

Do you have an average day? I don’t. They’re all a bit different. Often evolving as they progress, rarely planned anything more than by a vague outline, and quite often a little ‘out of the norm’ . Saying I’m not a nine to fiver is a bit of an understatement.

Want to know what my day is doing? Well it’s now 11am and I’m here..

Yep. I’m working whilst in the bath!

So today is like this. I woke up at 8:30 and though ‘i fancy a bath’ so I popped off to the bathroom but there was a spider in the bath and I didn’t want to disturb him so I hopped back into bed. Hubby, as is his wonderful habit, appeared with a cup of tea and we sat in bed catching up on FB and Twitter and discussed our separate ‘plans’ for the day.

We have b&b guests this coming weekend so for me it was ironing bedding. I see ironing as a bit of a waste of time so whilst steaming away I practiced a belly dance routine (and I haven’t even told you before that I go to dance classes.. another day another blog); and did some toe exercises as prescribed by Katie Holland as ‘guaranteed to improve your dancing’… Katie, I’m doubtful that anything will help but I’ll let you know.

Having built up a steam iron sweat I’m now in the bath (fortunately Bernard the Bath  Spider had buggered off) but to make better use of the time I’m both writing this for you lot and sorting out my art catalogue, making sure all my work to date is listed and titled. I have an exhibition pending and I need to make sure I know what’s  where and ensure I have enough pieces in the collection. Plus I’m having half a dozen or so images printed up as cards and my photographer friend and technical whizz needs to have the wording for the backs covers.

Alongside getting this done….

and I’ve added a face pack…may as well spruce up properly.

It’s now noon. Too late for breakfast, so a quick brunch and then off to get some groceries.

Marmite and mushrooms on toast yumyum

May as well pack up my old bras and take them to the bra bank at Tescos whilst I’m at it.

Donating my old bras

It’s a gorgeous day so hoping to get back in time to garden at home. Still have several plants that need to go in the ground before winter sets in.

….it’s now evening. Needless to say the gardening didn’t happen. I had about £60 in my hand from a swishing event I organised at the last-minute to clear out my wardrobe. A swish, for those who don’t know (I didn’t when invited to one last year), is a clothes swap. I’d cleared out my cupboards and had a car boot full of clothes and shoes to get rid of , friends could have them for a donation to a local charity. It raised £58 and I still managed to drop 2 large sacks of goodies at the local community charity shop.

So having done my shopping I went back into Aldi and spent the £58 with a view to dropping it at the local food bank. Sadly the charity was closed so that will involve another trip but look how much I got for my money!!!! Six full bags of none perishables! Aldi really is better value

Just about to head into the garden when I remember we have a fridge freezer to pick up from a friend (I need extra storage for the catering for my 50th).

And then the doorbell rings. The landlords of the flats I manage are here from Spain and I forgot they were popping in. Still they came armed with plenty of wine so I’m not complaining.

By which time it’s supper time. I cook a meal for me and Hubby. Bulk cook a bolognaise to add to the new freezer. Watch a movie. Then suddenly it’s midnight so off to bed.

Guess who’s back?

Bernard the Bath Spider

I wonder how he filled his day?

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