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We will always have Humanity..

25 May

What is it with this need to hate? People hating people because they are sick or disabled and need support; because they need help housing and feeding their family;  because they have chosen here as a safe haven from war and tyranny; because their homes have been destroyed and they have asked for our help to find a place; because they can’t find work; because they dress differently; have different coloured skin; different accents; different sexual desires; different houses to pray to their god(s). How petty do these sound? .. say it ‘ I’m afraid of you because you pray in a mosque”; “I hate you because you like to wear women’s clothes” ; “I hate you  a because you are too ill to work and have sought help”; ” I fear you because irrespective of the fact you were born here, three generations ago your ancestors came here from….”…. It’s takes a crazy and sad person to think like this.  

If you want to be angry, be angry about the corporation that control supply and demand across the globe; be angry about a system that makes the wealthy wealthier but keeps the poor poorer; be angry about our political disregard  for the longevity of our planets resources; about the millions of people starving, raped,beaten, mutilated ,murdered in corrupt regimes; about the misguided individuals with pathetic weak minds who follow radical extremism; about those who target the susceptible and innocent and abuse their trust, sex traffickers, slave  traders etc.

Terrible atrocities happen across the globe on a daily basis. We as humans often ignore or don’t hear about the those horrific incidents outside of our own country.  In light of the terrible happenings in Manchester this week a friend of mine wrote this:

I wanted to say something – and its so hard because everyone is hurting but I hope you get where I’m coming from if you read this – now is not the time for opinions on who or why – its not a time for division or conspiracy theories or even politics …..

….Humans are suffering every day at the hands of evil. Simple as. We are led to believe that we are separate. That somehow borders and seas and distance make us ‘different’. But love and compassion and humanity should recognise no such borders. I am not ‘British’ or ‘European’ or anything else. I AM TERRAN. I AM OF THIS EARTH.

ALL suffering hurts my heart.

ALL injustice makes my soul weep.

And so as I stand with Manchester 22.05.17 and I hold in my heart all those who are suffering and the 22 souls lost and the 50 plus injured and the people who have seen such terrible things I also stand with Deir ez-Zur  21.05.17 and the 15 lost and the 60 plus injured – most of whom were also women and children.

Baghdad – 20.05.17 – 35 killed, 45 injured.

Tuz Khurma. Maiduguri. Hamah. Mastung…

The list goes on.

I’ve not listed which countries these places are on purpose – because an innocent soul is an innocent soul and leaves a hole where once there was light.

Hold your loved ones tight. Love love love. Be kind. Be compassionate. Educate yourself. Help others on each and every occasion that you can.

I love all the light being sent to Manchester today…what power, what beauty.

Imagine if we could send out that wave each day to each person who needed it – how powerful we truly would become.

‘There is more that unites us than separates us’

Look at us all on that tiny sphere. So fragile and yet so very strong. Separateness is an illusion used to control us. I send love to my brothers and sisters all over this beautiful planet today and everyday

Andrew Burnham, Mayor of Manchester, quite rightly said that the “Manchester terrorist no more represents Muslims than Jo Cox’s killer represents white people”.

Ignorance and laziness cause people to condemn an entire race, religion or country because of the act of the odd nutter/extremist… this plays right into the hands of every extremist movement, creating fear, hate and intolerance within communities… we are all people of the Earth , we may elect to follow a religion (generally based on which country we were raised and what our parents believed), we may follow a cultural behaviours based on the same, but these evil behaviours are not the result of any religious scriptures or cultural behaviours, they are the behaviours of weak-minded, warped individuals with a twisted sense of reality and a total disregard for humanity… we must stand together, arm in arm with our neighbours, irrespective of their skin colour, their dress code, their age, their sexuality, their religious beliefs or their ancestry….
We must not let the media propaganda (media terrorism) warp our minds into believing their rhetoric… Everyone is an individual being of our earth.

My only faith is the one I hold for Humanity; that humans are predominantly compassionate and kind and that we can, as humankind, drive out this culture of intolerance and hate without resorting to vilification of entire groups … we must stand together and give of our hearts, share of our minds and support of our being…
I may not have the best words or the most articulate response, but as always, I speak straight from my heart and mind and these are the only words I can find for the horrendous atrocities of this week… and I speak not just of what happened in Manchester …


Faith, Spirituality, Empathy and Humanity

21 Feb

I’m not completely sure of everything that I believe in.

For example, I can’t say how I feel about ghosts, spirits and their ability to communicate across planes, the form they take or whether they exist at all. I don’t know what I feel about spirits although I’ve weegee’d a fair bit and seemingly contacted various ‘spirits’.  I don’t know how I feel about sentient spirits interacting with living people in that I accept something is happening but it’s probably something to do with our subconscious minds.  I find it hard to accept that there is a true ability to interact across planes of existence (if there are other planes of existence).  I have several friends who I would explain away as extremely empathetic , but who consider themselves to be Mediums or Spiritual Healer.  I suspect a lot of healing comes from the belief in being healed.  I accept there are a lot of unanswered questions and  I do think there is more out there and more capacity within our brains than we yet understand or tap.

I do believe that we have subconscious and conscious skills beyond those that most of us use.  I also believe that way back before we became ‘civilised’ we were more able to tap into our instincts, communicate more intuitively and work alongside nature/seasons/elements.  I do believe that our energy lives on.  Science proves that energy is neither created or destroyed.  When we die our physical bodies decay and feed the earth, growing plants, feeding animals, continuing the circle of life.  Weather there is a ‘soul’ that exists separately? Whether this ‘soul’ contains consciousness and awareness of life as we know it? Those are matters on which I remain open to further evidence and scientific study.  I am definitely a sceptic.

I am however, completely sure of what I don’t believe.

I do not believe and feel it factual to say that there is no all-seeing divine, super being(s) controlling/orchestrating who is good/bad; who is healed/left to suffer; who is constantly watching/ignoring; who is determining our individual fates here/in any alternative life.  Religion is a man-made conscript which has evolved and changed through the millenia to suit those who dictate it and is dependant on where you were born and with what fables you were raised as to which story/ supreme being each individual worships.

I do however, have great faith in the inherent goodness of (wo)mankind and its abilities to make a difference by offering positive thoughts/kindness/actions to others. I do believe that a charitable and positive outlook makes you a happier more enriched person.  I do believe that actions speak louder than words.  That giving is receiving.  That laughter and friendship are the best medicine.  That love conquers all.

(I would add to this quote “and all life” after “fellow human beings” )

I am, at heart, a Humanist.  I find strength and solace in my friends and acquaintances.  I gain and grow from exploring new paths, listening to others and sharing kindness.  I try to stand up against wrongs; be loud for those who feel they do not have a voice; offer support to those who do not have the strength.  In return I try to accept the love and help of those around me , who feel the same essence of humanity and want to give of themselves as I want to give of myself.

This week I have been struggling.  I have felt pain and weakness and fatigue.  Friends have offered support each in their own way. Sympathy, spiritually, practically.  I’ve had massage, pampering, kind words, visits and positive energy sent to me from all directions.  Its interesting, because those with a religion will say they will pray for you.  Perhaps this is the same as me or other friends , offering positive thoughts.  Although we are offering humanity and nature up as a healing source; and those of religion are requesting that their supreme being consider looking out for you.  In both instances the intention is the same.. it is a human wilfulness to care for your best interests and well-being.

The world around us; plants, animals, seasons, skies, and all of nature are suppressed by the unnatural infrastructure we have created.  Nature will eventually win out.  We cannot tame it .  We might adjust it for a time.  But when we leave, either voluntarily or through our own demise.  Nature will take over again.  The evidence of our footprint on the earth would soon be buried deep in the earth and nature will , if necessary continue without us.  We can forge our own battles against it for our short-term convenience and gain and nature will let us; for a while.  But, when we push too far, get too greedy with the resources of this planet, nature will fight back and win.  And it might well do it without us being part of the natural future.

We think we are supreme, intelligent and resourceful because we build, invent, communicate and utilise the resources of this planet.  Because we are now reaching beyond our world and in time will do the same on distant planets.  But there are limited resources, limited tolerances that this planet and atmosphere will allow us to control.  There has to be balance.  Greed and corporations are not balance. They are egos.  Egos will eventually lose to nature., be they a whole race, an economic construct, or a political ideal.  These artificial controls of resources for greed, control and financial gain will eventually fall; but at what price to humankind?

Interestingly, and surprisingly as I’ve sat here ‘mind dumping into written word’ the words spilling into this blog are not those I had expected.  I was meaning to extrapolate into alternative healing and goodwill and have turned instead to ecology and economic politics!  Fortunately, for me at least, that is the joy of just leaving your fingers to ride the keyboard and spill the mind onto the page.  I never quite know where it will lead … sometimes, quite often actually, I’m not even aware that the thoughts that appear were even in my head.  Oh the joy of letting your mind do the talking!

Anyway, today I am being extremely kind to myself.  I am being mindful.  I am listening to my joints and muscles, I am giving them permission to rest and heal.  I am reading, writing, sitting, resting.  I am allowing my friends to advise me and guide me.  I am letting my husband allow me the freedom to stop.  I am relaxing, recovering and regaling my thoughts to you all.

Try it.  Let your mind wander through your fingers from a starting point of your choosing and see where it takes you.  You may discover something new about yourself .  Or try mine about ‘belief’.

I would love to hear from you xxxx

My Random Musings

I’m tired of abusive religion

9 May

Sarahbeth Caplin

I took a big risk and decided to be vulnerable in my latest memoir. The hard fact is that I couldn’t accurately talk about my faith struggles without describing the events that influenced the way I relate to God: namely, the rape and the abuse. Those things are absolutely critical to the way I related to God for years, and to this day I have a bend toward self-deprecating worship.

You know what, though?

I’ve had enough of that. And I’m really tired – no, more like angry – to see so-called human depravity glorified with catchy songs and slogans. Abuse survivors and depression sufferers just do not need this crap.

I’m not saying I don’t believe in sin. And I don’t consider myself a “good person.” But I do believe there is a world of difference between “not good” and “utterly depraved.” And I no longer see…

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lest we forget…

30 Apr



Perhaps a religious person would say this was the work of the devil… but these innocent millions should have been protected by their God.

One comment on a previous Atheist blog post of mine answered the question of rape, pedophilia, famine and other horrors against humans (both with and without faith) with this comment :-

“I cope with the suffering in the world because in my reality, with a loving and just God, justice is always served in this world and the next. Your world without God is unjust. Simple as that.”

Such comments that wash over mass human suffering make me sick…  just NO.

I cannot articulate the strength  of feeling I have about this.

Lest We Forget


sometimes buildings sing to me, other times they cry…

29 Feb

Sometimes for no apparent reason at some point in the middle of any day , evening or night,  a sense of foreboding engulfs me.  Its not a darkness or greyness that overshadows my mind and makes the whole world seem negative…It doesn’t create the panic attacks or need to hide away that a dark cloud would do… like they used to.

These sensations sit in my gut, like they’re churning and curdling inside me.  They come without warning and are tough to shift.

Sometimes I can pinpoint their origin.  It might have been from bumping into an ex-friend, or a simple throw away comment within a conversation.  Or from a place.

This sensation engulfed me as I toured around a house clearance.  The ‘negative engery’ purveyed my whole body.  As I walked home I felt a deepening saddness and cried.  After that came this increasing unease and unrest.

I’ve never really thought much about spirits and ghosts, conscious afterlife etc.  But I do believe that energy sustains.  In death our energy (maybe this is what others call the soul or subconscious) must move on.  Its a basic law of physics…”energy is neither created nor destroyed”.  Our body decays and the component parts return to the earth, nitrogen and neutrients feed new plants and life.

I also having a ‘weirder’ belief that all materials absorb energy to a greater or lesser degree.  Take old fashioned cassettes… they’re just a material that ‘absorbs aand replays’ sound….{Ok techies – take the piss}  I believe that to a lesser extent bricks absorb sound.  In fact the fabric of any building does.  The building replays recordings of conversations held within its range, we might not hear it back with our ears but its there.

When I walk into a building I ‘feel’ the building.  We all do I think, some buildings feel happy, others sad.  It has nothing to do with the appauling or perfect decor, or the cleanliness of a place.  Its a subconscious vibration in our inner ancient being.  I’ve been into new builds and felt nothing at all. Just impassive and blank.

When we visited our current home it looked terrible; crumbling walls, blackened flaking wallpaper, dirty carpets, the filth of coal dust and dog hair and a space to big to be maintained decade upon decade.  But the vibrations were good.  The house sang a joyous song.

The building at the weekend was pained.  I cannot properly describe it but some of that pain has burrowed into my core and I cannot shake it off.

Sounds crazy.  Maybe.  But I’m sharing it with you all.  Feel free to reflect and respond…..





Here’s the Greatest Map of Religions Ever Made

2 Dec

Below is a really interesting graphic which visually demonstrates how a groups of people draw their beliefs from where they are born and how the religions and cultures/practices adopted by each religion have changed and evolved over time… demonstrating one thing…. its all made up by man, its all chinese whispers and what you believe is largely dependant on where you were born,….. no surprises there then.

The Evolutionary Tree of Myth & Religions, v2.0, by Simon Davies, is an awesome look at how human belief has shifted over the course of history.

Source: Here’s the Greatest Map of Religions Ever Made

Parenting without Religion

26 Jun

I came across this today and decided to share it with you lovely lot. Raising a freethinker is how I prefer to view it. This was my response:-
“we raised our son to be open-minded about things , we and my parents(who were raised Jewish) are atheists, his Nana is Methodist, one of our best friends, who offered childcare is Christian poss Baptist. We would tell him what we believed and explain how it differed to what our friends/family believed and told him he was free to choose whatever path made the most sense to him based on the information he gathered from reading, school, relatives, friends etc. He is now 16 and is strong, happy, trustworthy, honest, reliable, caring, tolerant and, also, does not believe in any god or gods. We are very proud of him and the choices he makes whatever they are”

Seeking insight from Theists for us Atheists…

24 Jan

I’ve had a lot of flack since writing about Atheism .  It odd because it seems that Theist wouldn’t mind if i was announcing converting from say Judaism to Scientology or becoming a Mormon or  Amish ; but to openly announce that you have faith in the belief that there is NO GOD at all  becomes an outrage to which they respond very badly.  They tend to take the offensive position.

If you are likely to be personally offended because I am asking difficult questions in relation to  any faith or  ‘God’, please don’t read on. I am not seeking to offend.  I am requesting a Theists insight.

Often you see,whilst browsing on FB or the internet, little posts offering a prayer or  anecdotes to explain why ‘God’ has seemingly ignored a prayer.  Here’s one I’ve seen  before but happened to appear again shortly after my last blog:

Me: Why did You let so much stuff happen to me today?

God: What do u mean?

Me: Well, I woke up late. : My car took forever to start. At lunch they made my sandwich wrong & I had to wait.   On the way home, my phone went DEAD, just as I picked up a call. : And on top of it all off, when I got home ~I just want to soak my feet in my new foot spa & relax. BUT it wouldn’t work!!! Nothing went right today! Why did You do that?

God: Let me see, the death angel was at your bed this morning & I had to send one of My Angels to battle him for your life. I let you sleep through that. : I didn’t let your car start because there was a drunk driver on your route that would have hit you if you were on the road.    The first person who made your sandwich today was sick & I didn’t want you to catch what they have, I knew you couldn’t afford to miss work.    Your phone went dead because the person that was calling was going to give false witness about what you said on that call, I didn’t even let you talk to them so you would be covered. Oh and that foot spa, it had a shortage that was going to throw out all of the power in your house tonight. I didn’t think you wanted to be in the dark.

Me: I’m Sorry God
God: Don’t be sorry, just learn to Trust Me…. in All things , the Good & the bad.
Me: I will trust You.
Me: I won’t God. And let me just tell you God, Thank You for Everything today.
God: You’re welcome child. It was just another day being your God and I Love looking after My Children…
REPOST if you Believe in HIM

Harmless enough – if not a little contrived. So I thought this time instead of just ignoring it as foolish and far-fetched, I would present different  scenarios in the hope that the Theists might provide some insight using, perhaps, the same tools to explain.  I wanted to know what the answer from God would be to the following scenarios.  surely not “And don’t doubt that My plan for your day is Always Better than your plan”:

Scenario 1 “God can I ask you a question, yesterday a tsunami hit and all my family were killed including my wife who was pregnant with our 4th child”.

Scenario 2 “God can I ask you a question for four years now our crops have failed , we pray for rain, our children die of dysentery and starvation, slow painful deaths, why did you not answer the payers of all our village”

Scenario 3: “God tell me – we are a loving family we go to church, pray , lead a christian life, yet my wife is struck down with ME, my son has ADHD and my mother has just been diagnosed with bowel cancer, can you not hear me am I not a faithful follower”

I didn’t get the response I expected , or rather I did but I’d hoped for more.  I got accused of not respecting other people’s beliefs as  I’d declared I did in my previous blog.  So I reread it and I  don’t see that my question is offensive.  Unless the doctrines of the various religions cannot account for them and the followers feel threatened by having such anomalies to their practice of prayer, raised.

These scenarios and many others like it are of genuine concern, sadly things like these happen all the time to countries, communities or individuals; both theists of various faiths and atheists irrespective of faith, prayer, church attendance etc.  So I hoped someone from any religion would offer me a religious view of the lack of ‘Gods’ intervention in the various situations.  The benefits of having faith, belief, prayer in such scenarios.

When bad things happen to good people, it is , as far as I can tell, either passed over (the blind eye  enabling the blind faith) or dismissed as  “free will”,  or “God works in mysterious ways”. Mostly side lined.

If a good Christian is killed by an Atheist – why didn’t God protect the Theist?  If a good Christian is killed by another Christian, and the second Christian repented his sins – would he still go to the Kingdom of Heaven?  What about the poor dead Christian, what about the poor innocent family and friends of the poor dead Christian.  How will the dead Christian feel in the Kingdom of Heaven when the murder struts in some years later because although he was evil all his life he had repented his sins and was genuinely sorry before the Day of Judgement

I’d be happy to be enlightened, offered insight .  But no Theist seems to be prepared to discuss such scenarios.

What about the 6 million dead Jews during the holocaust – why weren’t they protected by their God? Why weren’t they saved the suffering and pain.  Why did God not ‘Cast down his wrath” on the ‘bad guys’?  Was theirs (the Jews) the wrong God, or the wrong set of doctrines in line with the God?

I try to understand  how Theists don’t see the irony and juxtaposition of their comments. Say, for example, 999 people die in the train wreck, 1 child is found alive.  God is thanked for saving the one.  what about the other 999???  What about the pain and trauma to the poor child to have live through the crash and lost his parents – what did he do to deserve that?

Any Theists out there want to have a crack at explaining any of the scenarios I’ve presented? I’d be grateful.  I’d really like to understand more.  This is not an attack on any individual faith, or any faith; it is merely a request for clarity.  It is not a sign of disrespect.  It’s a question that I feel it’s reasonable to ask. Surely?

Thank God I’m an Atheist!..

22 Jan

Interesting isn’t it.

My last blog in which I openly discussed my beliefs, ie: my conviction in my understanding that there is no one true god, or collection/selection of Gods, or a creator/supreme being; has created more response than any other blog to date.

It’s a subject that can  divides Nations and drive people to war.  For me it creates interesting discussion.  Well interesting discussion amongst mainly amongst Atheists but  generally, from those with a ‘God’, almost no discussion at all.  It truly is ‘blind faith’.  A ll the conflicting and hypocritical bits in their respective ‘book of rules’; changes in which God; number of different Gods; choices of which bits of the ‘rule book’ to ignore because they no longer suit modern society, etc,  become non-issues and are points of zero discussion in the eyes of the ‘faithful’.  The Bible, Koran, Torah;  in huge chunks (although I accept I have not read all of any of them) will openly marginalise women, oppose homosexuality, encourage the harsh punishment of children and rule breakers etc etc.  Ancient religions (which the current faithful dismiss now as ridiculous) encouraged sacrifice, multiple god worship etc.

I find the ability to believe , irrespective of education , science, and the continuous changing and bending of the order of the faith, absolutely fascinating.  I have friends who are Buddhist, Creationist, Catholic, Baptist, Pagan, Wicca, Atheists, Agnostics, Humanist.  Those I have known since young generally, if they have a ‘God’, have the one indoctrinated in them by their family or school.  Many lost their belief about the same time as they realised that Father Christmas was a sentiment rather than a reality.

I don’t ever remember believing in a God;  I do remember the pain of Jewish Sunday School and the conflicts in our household to keep up the pretense to avoid confrontation with grandparents/aunts/uncles.  My parents may remember differently.  I do remember believing in Santa.  And the Tooth Fairy.  I believed in them because my parents told me they were real and society collectively kept the illusion alive.  Then, as I grew older I realised that it wasn’t a ‘lie’ as such but a ‘fable’, a ‘sentiment’ and it retained and still retains a ‘magic’ for the joining together and joy it brings within the western world.  But the ‘individual’ , ie: the actual ‘Santa’ is not real.  the stories are based around folk-lore and stories passed down the generations as a way to promote a certain behaviour within society.

When our son was a child we raised him to have an open mind.  We told him that different people believed in different things and they couldn’t possibly all be ‘right’; that he should listen to all the different views and make his own choice.  Whatever choice he made would be the right choice.

One of his main adult contacts was a family with whom we were very close friends.  they are a devout family of Creationists and Baptist church goers with two children around the same age as Jason.   Jason would learn their beliefs from them.  Plus, his  school taught him theirs.  John and I, being Atheists, generally kept our views to ourselves. Until he asked.

At about aged seven I remember him being very emotional and fearing for us.  He asked us if we believed in God and Heaven, we both said ‘no’ ,  he cried “you’ll see I’m right when you die!”.  I guess we will!

Today he is, I believe, an Atheist, but like us he has friends from different and often opposing faiths , all of whom believe blindly that theirs is the only true and righteous path.  I enjoy hearing him and his friends ‘philosophise’ (to quote Bill & Ted) on the subject.

I have friends who ‘ pray for me’.  Great.  It is of no consequence to me or my sense of well-being, but, if it makes them happier, safer or gives them a feeling of being helpful, then that’s great.  If it turns out that I’ve got it wrong on the God front, they have my back covered !

I don’t mind what people believe as long as they act morally, and considerately and treat others as they would like to be treated themselves, irrespective of their gender, race, sexuality, colour, age and the like.  I love all my friends, family and acquaintances   for their individuality irrespective of which set of indoctrinations they follow.  I don’t care (unless it affects their happiness negatively) what their sexuality is, their social standing, their wealth, their age, their race.  So why would I would I worry about which God.  I love them for the way they behave, their actions and their interactions.

To quote Albert Einstein, “A man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death.”








My god what a lot there is to discuss…

17 Jan

I love listening to the philosophers of our time, voices of reason and clarity , many of whom help me to consolidate and seem to express my thoughts and opinions.  When I’m working I often listen to TED and I listen to all sorts of speakers on all sorts of subjects.

I believe strongly that morality is part of humanity not a state reserved for the religious.  I believe strongly in the innate goodness of people and I believe in the evidence presented by science for the evolution of life and variation of species.

I also believe that people only have the right to believe in whatever they like when it does not harm others.  I also see a huge basic flaw in religious fanaticism (when and where it occurs) that makes followers believe that ‘their God’ needs defending, protecting or policing to the point where they have to kill/maim or convert non-believers.   Surely if these people believe in ‘their God’ and the group of abstract practices and cultural behaviours that enable them to demonstrate that belief, then they should also have faith that ‘their God’ is powerful enough and robust enough to deliver its  or his/her own punishment or forgiveness (or whatever) on those who fail to believe and follow the appropriate practices.  Surely these ‘all powerful, all-seeing God(s) are not so frail or upset by the offense of the none believer that they ned a mere human to defend them?

All religious groups seem to have fanatics;  Christian missionaries who go to ‘uneducated’ tribes and convert or kill those who won’t be ‘saved’ or agree to believe in ‘their god’ ;  suicide bombers.  These fanatics work to ‘protect’ the reputation of ‘their god’ or to ‘save’ those who believe in a different god or different set of rules of behaviour relating to the same god.

If their were one true God then surely the majority of people with devout and uncompromising belief have it wrong and will burn in whatever form of Hell and damnation the correct god has as its counterpart.

I know this is a controversial blog and will upset many people.  Theists mainly.  But I put it to you theists.  If your god is the ‘real God’ then he will deal with me as he sees fit in this life or in the next one (that you believe I will eventually transcend to).  I can understand that you may fear for my well-being as a non believer but I see no need for you to take offense or to be intimidated my me; I have no need to try to ‘save’ you from your misguided notions (and as you have a strong faith would in any instance be unable to do so).  I also have a strong moral code by which I love, treat others how you would like to be treated yourself, be kind, considerate, work hard, be thoughtful and compassionate, offer help to those less fortunate etc etc.

I also can understand that you may wish to  try to ‘save’ me.  Although I would remind you that for some of you, your God is a forgiving God (and thus will see me straight, consider my actions in life and ensure I am forgiven himself).

I end with this quote that I heard spoken by a  great orator and philosopher, Richard Dawkin (it’s not his in origin but I don’t know rightly who first said it).  I quote it because it put all the current  Gods and faiths into perspective , because over the generations these gods and faiths have altered (does that mean that all our ancestors were wrong and are all in hell?)

“We are all atheists about most gods that humanity has ever believed in, some of us go just one god further”

Here’s one of my favourite talks by Philosopher Stephen Cave (I know I also posted it in my Blog “Life’s a Book” , but it is a good one)