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There’s no average day in the life of….

18 Oct

Do you have an average day? I don’t. They’re all a bit different. Often evolving as they progress, rarely planned anything more than by a vague outline, and quite often a little ‘out of the norm’ . Saying I’m not a nine to fiver is a bit of an understatement.

Want to know what my day is doing? Well it’s now 11am and I’m here..

Yep. I’m working whilst in the bath!

So today is like this. I woke up at 8:30 and though ‘i fancy a bath’ so I popped off to the bathroom but there was a spider in the bath and I didn’t want to disturb him so I hopped back into bed. Hubby, as is his wonderful habit, appeared with a cup of tea and we sat in bed catching up on FB and Twitter and discussed our separate ‘plans’ for the day.

We have b&b guests this coming weekend so for me it was ironing bedding. I see ironing as a bit of a waste of time so whilst steaming away I practiced a belly dance routine (and I haven’t even told you before that I go to dance classes.. another day another blog); and did some toe exercises as prescribed by Katie Holland as ‘guaranteed to improve your dancing’… Katie, I’m doubtful that anything will help but I’ll let you know.

Having built up a steam iron sweat I’m now in the bath (fortunately Bernard the Bath  Spider had buggered off) but to make better use of the time I’m both writing this for you lot and sorting out my art catalogue, making sure all my work to date is listed and titled. I have an exhibition pending and I need to make sure I know what’s  where and ensure I have enough pieces in the collection. Plus I’m having half a dozen or so images printed up as cards and my photographer friend and technical whizz needs to have the wording for the backs covers.

Alongside getting this done….

and I’ve added a face pack…may as well spruce up properly.

It’s now noon. Too late for breakfast, so a quick brunch and then off to get some groceries.

Marmite and mushrooms on toast yumyum

May as well pack up my old bras and take them to the bra bank at Tescos whilst I’m at it.

Donating my old bras

It’s a gorgeous day so hoping to get back in time to garden at home. Still have several plants that need to go in the ground before winter sets in.

….it’s now evening. Needless to say the gardening didn’t happen. I had about £60 in my hand from a swishing event I organised at the last-minute to clear out my wardrobe. A swish, for those who don’t know (I didn’t when invited to one last year), is a clothes swap. I’d cleared out my cupboards and had a car boot full of clothes and shoes to get rid of , friends could have them for a donation to a local charity. It raised £58 and I still managed to drop 2 large sacks of goodies at the local community charity shop.

So having done my shopping I went back into Aldi and spent the £58 with a view to dropping it at the local food bank. Sadly the charity was closed so that will involve another trip but look how much I got for my money!!!! Six full bags of none perishables! Aldi really is better value

Just about to head into the garden when I remember we have a fridge freezer to pick up from a friend (I need extra storage for the catering for my 50th).

And then the doorbell rings. The landlords of the flats I manage are here from Spain and I forgot they were popping in. Still they came armed with plenty of wine so I’m not complaining.

By which time it’s supper time. I cook a meal for me and Hubby. Bulk cook a bolognaise to add to the new freezer. Watch a movie. Then suddenly it’s midnight so off to bed.

Guess who’s back?

Bernard the Bath Spider

I wonder how he filled his day?

Lucy At Home

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The Supermarket Comparison Test

28 Jul

I often think all this supermarket advertising is a scam, all these special offers and price match deals.

I mean, if you think about the “Price Match” it really is a safe bet for the supermarkets.  Over say an average £100 shop (average for me anyway) some items will be on ‘a deal’ , reduced or on promotion or you select ‘own brands’ which aren’t included; and others will be dearer. So, over the course of totting up the 70 or so items in your trolley the odds are the price total will even out .  However, just in case, the supermarkets add a proviso to their price promise… for Tesco, (who I’ve used for this experiment), they set their refund to a maximum £7 (I think).

Of course they only offer this price comparison over the ‘leading’ supermarkets: Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons.  I would at this point argue that Lidl and Aldi may have a claim to that title too  but I don’t think the BIG FOUR dare.

Watch the Aldi ad and you’re encouraged to: “Take the Aldi Challenge”

So I have. I wanted it to be a day I had a large shop to do so I ended up with a broad range of products.

I went to Aldi today and bought 94 items at a total cost of £86.45

My Aldi shop - 94 itemd, £86.45.... please ignore all the chocolate and concentrate on the fresh fruit
My Aldi shop – 94 items, £86.45…. please ignore all the chocolate and concentrate on the fresh fruit!

It was an interesting experiment because as I was adding things like yoghurt and frozen desserts I noticed that the portion sizes in Tesco were SMALLER.  In these instances I have added extra units to get the same grams.  With the meat I added the slightly smaller pack sizes (Rump Steak for example- 2 in Tesco =500g in  but in Aldi =566g that’s 10% more meat).

As such, the comparable Tesco order was made up of 109 items ( The luxury yoghurts in Aldi were 150g I had 12; the Tesco Finest were 125 g so I had to get 4 more:  The Aldi Chocolate desserts were 190g; the nearest equivalent, a Tesco Chocolate Surprise, was only 125g so instead of 12 I needed 18. The other differences in numbers were the loose red onions)

The total in Tesco was a staggering £123.03. 

 That’s  42% more expensive!!!

If I had more time I’d do the same on the Asda site but as my Brand Match is never more than a couple of ££ either way I don’t see much point.

Have you taken the supermarket challenge?  What did you find?