Breaking News : 64 Million Artists and The January Challenge

Day 8: #TheJanuaryChallenge  @64M_Artists
Breaking News
This just in: artists and creatively inclined people from around the world are gathering on social media to share, inspire and be a little more mindful. It’s all part of a new year initiative to get us all creating and it seems to be working. Hundred, if not thousands of individuals from all walks of life, of all ages, have joined together and created a community, forging friendships, sharing stories of joy and misadventure; and bolstering each others confidence and sense of wellbeing.
One artist (me) from a little rural village in the middle of the middle of Wales said, “Yesterday was wonderful, I spent the whole day thinking about the challenge and checking in but i just could not get my head around it.  I don’t know why, maybe lack of sleep, maybe because I don’t wear jumpers, anyway I just could not get creative over the ‘jumper challenge’ so i just came clean to the group,.  They supported me through it.  Another artist, Ven, even created one for me ! How great is that! It gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Well I guess jumpers do that: especially when you’re from America and finally realise that a ‘jumper’ is really a ‘sweater’ and not a pinafore… and they say we speak the same language!
As the January Challenge embarks on its second week , people are already excited about what the organisers at 64 Million Artists have in store for them but say they’re up for the challenges and to keep them coming…
This is Berni Benton from llanwrtyd Wells, saying goodbye for now and see you next time

Press notes:

taken from their FB page….
64 Million Artists is a charity campaigning to unlock the creative potential of every human being in Britain. It began life as 53 Million Artists in 2014 and they’ve been working with people all over the country to help them get creative on their own terms, celebrating their passion and flair and encouraging them to Do, Think and Share

Were you always told you couldn’t sing? Draw? Write? Dance? Cook? We’re here to tell you different.

64 Million Artists is about having a go, not about being an expert. We’re inviting everyone in Britain to do something new and celebrate their creativity, to be proud of their passion, and show their flair.

Why not join in, it doesn’t matter that you missed the start ….

Further notes:

Each challenge only needs to take 5-10 minutes.  Its not about the quality of the work its more about the thought process and how it made you feel… getting us all to be a bit more mindful…

Today is day 8 the challenge: “Breaking News – My Life”

DO: What is your day to day life like? Pretend you’re a news reporter and report on your day. It can be a video of you telling us what you’re getting up to today, a cooking show for when you’re making your dinner, a newspaper article with key headlines for the day or just a series of photos. If you do choose to do a video report you don’t have to show your face – we just want to see what everyone is getting up to today!

THINK: Did your day turn out differently than you expected it to? Did you feel comfortable filming your every day life?

SHAREShow us your day!

Facebook Page: 64millionartists
Closed Facebook Group: 64 Million Artists – The January Challengers
Instagram: 64millionartists
Twitter: @64M_Artists

IF YOU HAVE MORE TIME ; Create a report at the end of the day, how is your day different to when you started it? Did you complete the tasks you set out to do? Did it turn out to be completely different than expected?

One Messy Mama


Rhyming with Wine

The Creativity inside…

As a youngster I was pretty enthusiastic about art.  As a teen I did pencil sketches of my favourite rock stars, John Taylor of Duran Duran, The Tompson Twins , Midge Ure.  They weren’t bad for a 16 year old.  I never, however studied art at O level or beyond.  The teacher changed, I lost confidence, I was academic so I studied the sciences and maths.  I became an an office worker, accounts, credit control, reconciliations, payroll.  I was good at it and even enjoyed the companies I worked at.  But I longed to be creative.

I would theme my sons bedrooms.  As a baby he had prime colours and rainbows.  As a kid he had space rockets and stars.  As an older teen – red/black bold daring.  I took to gardening for creative release too.

When we moved to our rose tinted  life here in Wales I remember telling John that I the artist in me would show itself.

I joined a local art group and developed some techniques and confidence.  I took on a few pet portrait commissions and took photos photos of local trees and copses and rivers using them to develop techniques of shadows, light flow and reflection.

This is Ruby – such a delicate gem with the most gorgeous collar

I learned how to blend the paints and more recently to introduce texture.

Still Waters - acrylic on canvas
Still Waters – acrylic on canvas

I went on a course to learn stained glass techniques and found it interesting how with glass I had to consider more abstract and pattern use to suggest texture and mood.  I designed a several panels for our front door – making up a little ‘storyboard’.  and then in our ‘space’ themed bathroom, instead of obscure glass , i designed a panel based on a Whirlpool Galaxy


Whether I’m any ‘good’ at it, I don’t know. Ii do know its an obsession, I can’t stop.  It moves me and drives me.  Whether people will like them, enjoy them or respond to them – I guess that’s down to the individual.

Our Chickens, Henny meet Handsome George and a family is born
Our Chickens, Henny meet Handsome George and a family is born

What is art? We all have a different view on the subject.  If art is the reproduction of a vista/person/object so it is hard to differentiate between whether its a photo or painting , then I guess I’m not very good.  But is it a row of coloured dots, an unmade bed, a dead sheep in formaldehyde?  If art is anything that makes you think or creates an emotional response then all of life is art.  Scientific discovery is art, construction, destruction, making, baking…. everything is ART.

I am so excited to be part of a two month exhibition at The Wyeside Arts Centre.  My first ever proper exhibition.  Alongside 6 other artists we explore under the title “On Reflection”  – I’ve created 8 pieces, interpreting of space-scapes and sky-scapes in partnership with sentimental quotes that strive to capture the expanse and potential of our existence.

"Dance of the Spirit" - aurora over th Fjord
“Dance of the Spirit” – aurora over the Fjord

So I sit at home, with my partner John.  ever encouraging and happy for me to follow my less-ordinary dream .  I paint, I cut glass, I solder, I blog, I garden.   I create.  Its my art and its a bonus if others enjoy it too.    I hope some of you do.

And, if you happen to be in the Builth Wells area of Wales on 1st May between 6:30 and 8:30 you can join me and the other artists at the preview of our joint exhibition.  I’d love to meet you x

I'm there - my first ever exhibition - ooo, how exciting
I’m there – my first ever exhibition – ooo, how exciting