Its cold and wet…so toga up and join in the Mountain Bike Chariot Racing….


After all the excitement of Christmas and New Year, January can feel a bit dull and sluggish.  The weather doesn’t help.  But here in Llanwrtyd Wells we have the cure.  This weekend (the second one in January) every year we hold the World Mountain Bike Chariot Racing and the Roman Saturnalia Feast and Party

There’s nothing quite like dressing in a skirt when the temperatures dip below freezing!

The premise is 2 mountain bikes, joined by  fixed t-bar with an oil drum chariot at the back; teams of 3 race round the circuit in heats of 4 chariots a time.  Each heat winner moves to the next round until we have our finalists.  The final, as if the racers are not wet and muddy enough, comprises two laps.


In the evening at Green Events H/Q, also head office of the Brecknockshire Branch of the Monster Raving Loony Party, there is a toga party complete with Roman Feast.


Sadly you’ve missed your chance this year but there’s always 2019… enough time to get fitted for your Centurion outfit and find yourself a team.  Join us and wash away the winter blues with a fun packed weekend of crazy in the UK’s smallest town.

The World Mountain Bike Chariot Racing is the first event of the year run by Green Events Ltd, throughout the year they run a calendar of events, both quirky and mainstream, including World Bog Snorkelling, Real Ale Wobble, Man v Horse Marathon and Real Ale Ramble.  Bi-annually in the same small town of Llanwryd Wells, Powys you can find the 2 week festival of the World Alternative Games

Mission Mindfulness

Blackpool : laughter, live music and looniness


Loony Party Conference at Uncle Toms Cabin
Loony Party Conference at Uncle Toms Cabin
Dale Rowles, AKA Leutentant Jaegar Schnitzel... BB Blackdog
Dale Rowles, AKA Lieutenant Jaegar Schnitzel… BB Blackdog

The 32nd Monster Raving Loony Party Conference.  The 2nd in a row in Blackpool and it’s likely to become a regular haunt .  We have the perfect hosts both in our accommodation providers; The New Guilderoy Hotel, owned by Loony members (Baroness Chief Whip Guilderoy and Lord Guilderoy); and our venue, Uncle Toms Cabin where we are we welcomed with open arms by the staff and landlord who blend in, like professional loonies 😉

Alan "Howlin Laud" Hope announcing the Cabinet Reshuffle
Alan “Howlin Laud” Hope announcing the Cabinet Reshuffle

We also have Tony Davies, Loony Bus Driver who has access to and provides his services for our campaigning tour/ pub crawl ( !).  The open top tour brings extra smiles to many a face and how doesn’t want to spread a little happiness

Comedy Carpet
Comedy Carpet

….and then we have the Firework Festival, Comedy Carpet and magnificent esplanade along the seafront

The weekend was filled with smiles, music and laughter ….and lashings of alcohol.  We were entertained by Loony Bands… The morris dancersB.U.M.S (Border Urban Morris Side)… who include amongst its Loony members, Baron full fat boogie bandVon Magpie Bum , Honey Bum and the Party’s youngest standing candidate, Hugo Shovit.  then there were The Big Fibbers (both Loonies:  Knigel Knapp and Tristian Shout); BB Blackdog (lead singer and founder, Loony member,  Lieutenant Jager Schnitzel); plus we had great music from Loony Sympathisers; both Badaxe (with a personal tribute to our great

The Full Fat Boogie Band
The Full Fat Boogie Band

Leader, Howlin’ Laud Hope) and The Wattingers performed unbelievable “you had to be there” sets.  And let’s not forget the magnificent Full Fat Boogie Band who got us dancing and wearing even more hats with their two sets on our first night.

Three Amigos
Three Amigos

There was a conference bit… the bit where we patted ourselves on our backs for our successes in the Welsh Assembly Elections;  achieving a party first in qualifying for an Election Broadcast. We discussed our standing candidate in David Cameron’s old constituency of Witney ; that will be our very own Mad

Beautiful Blackpool
Beautiful Blackpool

Hatter…wishing him every success on the campaign trail. It was also noted that we are the ONLY political party not in the red… we are solvent and work within our means.  Plus we are about to appear in the Guiness book of World Records as having the longest-serving party leader (17 years ) Howlin’ Laud Hope, who has just beaten the previous record holder, Loony founder , Lord Sutch, to the title.  It is also being considered as to whether he is the longest standing political leader in the world to have been democratically elected.

Yes as ever, Loonies are leading the way!!  Not to mention the colourful double page spread in the Blackpool Gazette.

From the Blackpool Gazette - 4th October 2016
From the Blackpool Gazette – 4th October 2016



In, Out, Shake It all About

I’ve refrained so far from blogging about this but I can no longer contain myself. Sorry!
I’m sure we’re all just about sick to death of the EU Referendum and its spin, scare-mongering, slagging off and assumptions about each side from each side.
My main though is that if it were to make any significantly dangerous difference we would not have been given the chance to vote.
My second main thought is that its important to vote… especially the younger and new voters…  have a political/economic interest in your future, you have earned that right
And my third main thought… well, I’ll share that at the end if you make it that far!
Personally I’m voting leave, but you may think differently, that’s fine, it doesn’t make me a racist or you an idiot, or any other personal attack comments being flung about.  Find out as much as you can.  Don’t think you’re the only one who feels like they’re lacking enough facts to vote.  Trust your gut and go to the polls.
Be sure of this though. There’s no unbiased information out there . There CAN’T be any factual information about the future of a post brexit UK because it hasn’t happened yet; plus we’ve never left the EU before and nor has anyone else in the same way ; plus it will depend very much on actions and decisions yet to be taken after the vote if the Brexit is a majority. We also CAN’T be factual about what will happen after if we remain. again it hasn’t happened yet; it will depend heavily on how the EU treat us if we stay after being so vocal about wanting to potentially leave; and the decisions our representatives make on our behalf post-referendum.. so everything is best guest and biased to the views of the side presenting the statistical analysis…. remember all the fear created about not taking on or taking on the Euro – all bullshit in the end but presented as fact!! The banking collapse, etc etc …we are not good at predicting the future even when it potentially involves no significant changes…. the world is like that.
The information below is borrowed from a chap called John Wright (many thanks Mr W)
Democracy doesn’t exist in the EU especially if anything it’s a secret dictatorship.
This one of the best explain actions I’ve seen so far about the EU referendum Credit goes to John Wright.
There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about June 23rd, and people want to know the facts. Here are some:
You are not voting to leave the EEA or WTO, meaning all of the UK’s trade and benefit agreements will remain unchanged should we leave, until such a time that the UK decides to renegotiate them for any reason.
You are not voting to leave NATO, meaning our security agreements remain unchanged. Should we receive an act of hostility from a non-NATO member, then NATO countries are obliged to come to our assistance. This does not change.
You are not voting to leave the UN, G8 or G20, meaning Britain will have the same voice on the world stage as it does today.
You are not voting to leave Europe!! The UK will still, geographically, be part of Europe. Non political organisations aligned to Europe will still extend membership to the UK (I.e. sports governing bodies, and so on).
You are not voting to stop recognising Interpol, Europol and neither are you voting for SIS / MI6 to stop dealing with other intelligence services in the fight against terrorism and global, organised crime.
You are not voting against being able to travel to Europe, contrary to the belief of some fools recently on TV. The UK has always maintained stricter border and passport controls than many EU members. This will not change. You will still use a passport to go on holiday and you will still be allowed entry to countries in Europe. You may even get chance to skip queues by using the non–EU queues at the airport (the only point so far that is my opinion, and not necessarily a fact).
The UK economy will benefit to the tune of £billions in the first year after we leave.
Medical and science research will not simply stop. The UK pays into the EU to then get money back in the form of funding. The UK will now be in control of this money and can choose to fund whatever UK-based medical, science, art or other research it chooses.
Farming will not lose money because of EU funding being cut. The UK negotiated a rebate of some monies that the UK pays to the EU, in order to subsidise UK farmers. Instead of asking for our money back, we can give it straight to farmers. No change there.
You are not voting against human rights. The EU Convention on, and European Court of Human Rights are not part of the EU. Until parliament passes a new bill of rights for the UK, these will still apply, as will precedents already passed down to UK courts from Brussels.
You are not voting to kick anyone out of the UK or block access to anyone. Neither are you voting to stop recruiting valuable European workers into things like the NHS. Like my other point about passports for travel, the UK is already outside of the Schengen zone and so migrant workers must enter the UK with a valid passport before and after June 23rd. That will not change. British borders maintain full control of who comes and goes. Should someone have the skills to apply to work in the NHS, then they will still be permitted travel and given an opportunity to apply for a job. Worst case, points based assessment, like the US, Canada and Australia use, will come into effect. The UK is likely to negotiate freedom of labour movement though, in exchange for freedom of goods movement.
You are not voting to move jobs nor production out of the UK! The EU actually helped fund the move of Ford Transit production from the UK to Turkey… Yes, the EU helped give UK jobs to people in Turkey by giving Ford a loan of £80m with very generous terms!
What you are voting for is UK sovereignty. You are voting to stay in or leave a political union of leaders and representatives that you British people did not elect. You are voting against a commission of unelected, elite men that nobody at all voted for and yet they make decisions on our behalf. You are simply voting to bring sovereignty back to Westminster, and that is all. If you worry about that because you don’t like the Conservative government, look at the reality. Their majority in parliament is very slim. They have been blocked on big decisions already. You are therefore not giving sovereignty to David Cameron, but to the UK House of elected representatives. Do not be fooled by the fear campaigns that are simply run by the wealthy, who need EU money to thrive! Think about the future, and your family’s future
And finally, as promised, my third main thought…
…is that whatever the result; whether we end up in or out , we will have certainly shaken it all about!! As we in the Official Monster Raving Loony Party believe, that is our raison d’être.  As people in a democratic country it is our job not to let the representatives, beaurocrats and powers that be become complacent and any more egocentric than they already are….
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