Its cold and wet…so toga up and join in the Mountain Bike Chariot Racing….


After all the excitement of Christmas and New Year, January can feel a bit dull and sluggish.  The weather doesn’t help.  But here in Llanwrtyd Wells we have the cure.  This weekend (the second one in January) every year we hold the World Mountain Bike Chariot Racing and the Roman Saturnalia Feast and Party

There’s nothing quite like dressing in a skirt when the temperatures dip below freezing!

The premise is 2 mountain bikes, joined by  fixed t-bar with an oil drum chariot at the back; teams of 3 race round the circuit in heats of 4 chariots a time.  Each heat winner moves to the next round until we have our finalists.  The final, as if the racers are not wet and muddy enough, comprises two laps.


In the evening at Green Events H/Q, also head office of the Brecknockshire Branch of the Monster Raving Loony Party, there is a toga party complete with Roman Feast.


Sadly you’ve missed your chance this year but there’s always 2019… enough time to get fitted for your Centurion outfit and find yourself a team.  Join us and wash away the winter blues with a fun packed weekend of crazy in the UK’s smallest town.

The World Mountain Bike Chariot Racing is the first event of the year run by Green Events Ltd, throughout the year they run a calendar of events, both quirky and mainstream, including World Bog Snorkelling, Real Ale Wobble, Man v Horse Marathon and Real Ale Ramble.  Bi-annually in the same small town of Llanwryd Wells, Powys you can find the 2 week festival of the World Alternative Games

Mission Mindfulness

come on and Do the Ron Run


Last Sunday was the 8th Memorial Half Marathon dedicated to Ron Skilton.To be fair we didn’t know him very well.  we moved in Feb 05 and Ron passed away Dec 05 having battled for 6 months with the degeneration and knowledge of having Motor Neurone Disease.  What we did know was that he was a kind and generous man.  With a gentle demeanor and a good humour.  A lovely neighbour.  What we have come to know is what a strong and caring family  branched out from him.  His lovely widow Irene, his brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews.  We also know how well-respected and loved he was within his community . As a young man he was a keen runner and cyclist.  As a professional man he was a well-regarded architect and draftsman.  As a member of his community he was inclusive, proactive and integrated.  He was the co-founder of  Green events, the creator of the ‘Home of Bog Snorkelling’

When Ron died in 2005, the town wanted to remember him.  Because of his history of running and cycling and event led tourism the Ron Skilton Half Marathon was set up.  It has become a very special annual event.

2013 Couse
2013 Course

It more than a fund-raising run.  i refer you to my last blog about the mutual benefits of charitable giving. Every year since the first in October 2006 this challenging fell run has been the perfect excuse and a catalyst to Ron’s family who meet in Llanwrtyd for a reunion.  The number of family members seems to grow year on year.  Whilst here they help with the event by Marshaling the course.  The entire 13 miles (12.58 miles to be exact) are marshaled by the members of one family.  This year there were 26 Skilton’s in town. That has to be unique.

The town looking to Spion Kop  spectacular expance of landscape crumbling old farm house majestic on hill top

The run itself is different from most too and judging by the reviews in Runners World, these differences, together with the warm welcome and challenging course, are much appreciated.

I’ll tell you a little about it.

firstly, its run totally by volunteers – its organised under the Green Events umbrella by Bob Greenough and John Crompton, occasionally with a little help from me.   It is marshaled by the Skilton family and it attracts representatives from MNDA.  Maimei, the SW Wales Rep comes every year with T-shirts, or running vests , a friendly smile and a couple of collection buckets, which she invariably forgets to rattle!!. It’s by no means a ‘hard sell’ fundraiser

The course starts, middles and finishes in the Town Square , outside the Neuadd Arms Hotel.  This allows for a figure of 8 style course and 2 person relay teams with minimal logistical challenge.  The course is predominantly off-road and on mountains.  It spans two local peaks – Spion Kop and The Garn with accents and descents of 2838 ft.  The course has markers every 50 yds if not more.  A very nice man on a bike follows the back marker – clearing the course and offering help to anyone feeling the strain.

At the end the ladies of Merced y Bont ( Our WI) provide complimentary tea, coffee, jam and cheese sarnies and biscuits for runners and marshals.  After the run everyone retires to the lounge bar for food drink and the trophy giving.  We finish with a sing song.  “Do Do the Ron Run” to the tune of the old Crystals song Da Doo Ron Ron.

Throughout the day I rally the troops, inform, update, joke and generally drone on about all and sundry via the PA system in the Square.  Occasionally (quite often actually)  I confuse the mic and the walkie talkie ,calling over the PA “can you repeat that Bob”or ” how many runners are you waiting for at White Bridge” and  poor Bob gets “and don’t forget to pop your change in the collection bucket. OVER” on the walkie talkie.  Ever the professional.  Do we laugh?!

rainbow  sheep!  wild flowersAnyway, Its got a friendly, family feel, its challenging for the serious runners but not impossible (especially as a relay event) for those less well-trained.  It raises money for a good cause.  It not too big that you won’t get noticed.  The scenery is spectacular.  There are mountains, forests, boggy bits, farm land,fell land,cows, horses, sheep, gates, rainbows, blue skies, happy people.  The weather is (usually but not always) good.  The beer at the Neuadd is home-brewed.  The food is homemade.   The trophies are donated by the time keepers, Pat & Roland Sherwood of On line Race Results.

Everyone leaves smiling.  And I usually leave having lost my voice  (a bonus for family and the community at large!).

If you are a member of a running club or an individual who does a bit of running , or you know someone who is; perhaps you would be so kind as to mention this event to them.   The Ron Skilton Memorial Half Marathon, as seen on the Green Events webite alongside Man v Horse and World Bog Snorkelling.   It also has a FB page and we have a target of 500 like before the next event – help us get there.   Please.

Its difficult, when organising an event for it not to clash with others.   However, for those who have made it to Llanwrtyd for this (slowly) growing, feel good event, its worth making this one the event of choice.  Give it a try you won’t be disappointed and Llanwrtyd will make you very welcome.

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